The Servicengine System

Select a feature to find out which tailored functionality of Servicengine may meet your specific business needs.

Program Management

A successful mobility program positions your workforce toward your company’s strategic horizons. Our Program Management Core is a transformative toolset that encourages you to assess and re-imagine your policies. Our proprietary Intelligent Automation achieves program efficiency by combining process optimization and decision-support. Take a step with us toward a more agile global workforce.

  • Easy to Administer Core/Flex Benefits
  • Employee Empowerment with Self-Managed Programs
  • Personalized Document Libraries with E-Signature
  • Process and Policy Analytics
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Experience

Financial Core

The financial requirements of an employee relocation can be daunting. Global mobility programs are often accompanied by dizzying fee structures, convoluted supplier contracts, complex expense polices and demanding invoice requirements. Time-consuming, labor-intensive, prone to error. We believe your resources are better focused on the needs of your employees, so let’s fully automate your financial processes to insure efficiency and compliance.

  • Systematically identify and predict financial events
  • Easily manage accruals and allocations
  • Speed expense approvals with Intelligent Automation
  • Support complex multi-currency payment and billing requirements
  • Custom interest calculations
  • FAR, VAT, FAPIAO, and Nota Fiscal Reporting
  • Seamlessly integrated with CRM and GL platforms

Compensation & Tax

A complex international assignment demands a robust suite of administrative tools. With our Compensation and Tax Core you will run customized Cost Projections with unlimited scenarios right from your dashboard. Integrated workflow uses conditional logic to speed the approval process. Compensation Worksheets include “Big Four” Global Tax calculations that return in seconds. Report up to five payrolls per assignment with automated reconciliation that keeps all systems in sync.

  • Customizable Cost Projections and Compensation Worksheets
  • Integrated Approval Workflows
  • Powerful Custom Formula Tools
  • Home, Host and Hypo-Tax Calcs for over 80 countries
  • Multi-Payroll and Shadow Payroll Reporting
  • Automated Payroll Reconciliation
  • Tax Assistance and year-end True-Up Calculations
  • Stay Connected