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Michael Antici

Michael Antici is an internet specialist with over 14 years experience in network design, server implementation and software design and development ranging from web based through desktop and mobile applications. Utilizing Microsoft’s latest technologies, he has successfully built, designed, and implemented web servers and networks to run various tasks from email automation to order processing and database integration. Michael also has vast expertise in networking topology, server/hardware implementation and design, system administration, Internet security and connectivity, and building networks from the ground up.

Mike’s expertise covers a number of advanced programming tools, including .Net, C#, Visual Basic, XML, HTML/DHTML, AJAX, JavaScript, VB Script, and Microsoft SQL Server. He has also been key in implementing website securities and routing and integration with Single Sign On systems and high-end encryption technologies such as Triple DES, AES/Rijendael, and encrypted hash tables.

Mike earned his B.A. in Psychology from Western Connecticut State University. In his free time, he maintains a separate website,, that provides real time updates on when the flag should be flown at half staff.

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Thomas Franssen

Thomas Franssen is the head of the strategic projects at Servicengine, and he has been tirelessly promoting the success of the application since 2006. Thomas earned his degree in 2002 from the University of Massachusetts, and, although he majored in History, he has a comprehensive technical background, including experience as a Technical Project Manager at Zantaz, Inc from 2002-2006. Thomas has worked his way up through the ranks, starting as a technical support specialist then being promoted from Manager to Director to his current title of Chief Information Officer. In addition to his role in charting the strategic roadmap of the Servicengine application, Thomas is also responsible for the technical design of the application and serves as a critical link between the support team and the development team.

When not in the office, you’ll find Thomas playing sports with his two sons, 8-year-old Liam and 5-year-old Nathan, alongside his wife of 12 years, Jen.

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Kenneth J. Gallo

Ken Gallo is a Technology and Product Development executive with a successful track record that spans over twenty-five years of systems architecture, design and software development for Relocation, HCM and Real Estate Services, including his last fifteen with Servicengine as one of the founding members. As a Management Consultant for Cendant/PHH Corporation, he managed and was involved in numerous projects related to Business Process Re-Engineering, Strategic Technology Research, Systems Integration, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Change Management. During his tenure at PHH Relocation, Ken was also responsible for Technical and Marketing Account Management functions that encompassed multiple revenue based Vendor applications involving a high volume of remote users and transactions. Additionally, he has extensive experience in Sale Force automation systems implementation in varying industries and in production database management for a large scale multi-national pharmaceutical company. Ken also enjoys fishing, golfing and skiing with his family and friends.

Ken is a graduate of Pace University with a BA in Management Information Systems.

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Tony Scaringella

Tony Scaringella is a technology specialist with over twenty years experience in software design and development for the relocation and real estate industry. His expertise covers a number of advanced web application development tools and he has vast experience with database programming. Tony’s unwavering “can do” attitude coupled with his unique problem solving ability was vital in helping conceptualize and launch Servicengine in the late 1990’s.

Prior to his work at Servicengine, Tony was lead developer on several projects at Cendant Mobility Services. During his tenure, he was instrumental in creating technology solutions for the business areas of supplier network, property management, home sale, and household goods services. He gained great recognition for his ability to design elegant solutions to the most complex and demanding business requirements.

Tony has a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Math from the Connecticut State University.

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