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Technology in the Relocation Space

Alchemy Recruitment Ltd. recently invited Servicengine President Harry Dayton to contribute to a discussion about the future of technology in the relocation space. In the conversation, Dayton describes the upcoming generation as one that is looking for a technology option that offers empowerment for the end user. Rather than relying heavily on external support, he has seen…

Mobility & Technology

Servicengine President Harry Dayton had the opportunity to join a panel of leading relocation industry technology experts to discuss the changing landscape of online resources available to relocating transferees. The panel weighed in on the future of relocation management systems, the challenges of protecting private data, and trends across the industry. Below are a few…

YP40: Mentorship

Sara Miller, Servicengine’s Director of Account Management, was featured in Mobility‘s YP40 Column in March 2016. In her column, she discusses how she first found her start in the Relocation Industry as well as advice she would offer to those who are just getting started today. Read the full article here.