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Powering the Global Workforce

Strategic Software for Employee Relocation

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Introducing Global WorkSite™
Transformative Technology for Workforce Mobility

Introducing Global WorkSite™️: Transformative Technology for Workforce Mobility

Welcome to Servicengine: Redefining Workforce Mobility

Introducing Global WorkSite, the cutting-edge software engineered to streamline your mobility program by automating complex business and financial processes. Our robust platform leverages the power of Intelligent Automation, revolutionizing decision-making and maximizing your program’s ROI.

With a remarkable 25-year legacy in the relocation industry, we stand at the forefront of digital transformation and remain dedicated to continuous innovation. Our Gen-3 platform boasts a modern architecture, elevating the mobility experience with highly functional, secure, and interconnected technology.

Servicengine serves as the global mobility platform trusted by the world’s largest employers and relocation service providers. We take immense pride in forging strategic partnerships with each client, whether you’re an emerging enterprise or a global corporation. Our technology is customizable to meet your unique requirements.

Unlock end-to-end productivity gains and propel your mobility program to new heights with Servicengine. Your future in workforce mobility starts here.

Introducing Global Worksite, a Streamlined Solution for Mobility Program Managers

Experience a simplified approach to mobility management. Global WorkSite harnesses the power of Servicengine in an app that is both quick to onboard and easy to use. Our intelligent workflow automates and digitizes your mobility processes, providing a seamless, efficient experience for both program managers and employees. 

Key features:

  • Full automation for self-managed moves.  
  • An interactive Journey Map that visualizes real-time progress for each case file, allowing you to stay ahead of your employees’ needs.  
  • A proprietary Health Gauge that formulates at-a-glance success status for each phase of the move, highlighting challenges and offering directed guidance for quick remediation to ensure a smooth employee experience.  

Global WorkSite reduces the complexity of mobility program management, enabling your team to focus on what truly matters: employee success. Learn More

For Corporate Mobility Managers

Global WorkSite streamlines your mobility program with Intelligent Automation. One system manages your relocations, new hires, interns, and global assignments. Get insight into your full spend and uncover the keys to maximizing your investment.

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For Relocation Service Providers

Automation is at the heart of our enterprise platform. Drive efficiency across your global client portfolio with our industry-leading workflow engine, integrated vendor engagement, powerful financial tools, comprehensive reporting, and real-time performance measurement.

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