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For Mobility Managers

Simplified Mobility Management

Global WorkSite™ streamlines successful domestic and international assignments to keep your assignees focused and productive while maintaining the financial goals of your program.  

Global Worksite lets you set flexible spend parameters and track progress throughout the assignment. Cost estimates are automatically calculated and tax calculations are returned in seconds.

Assignment Managers

A complex international assignment demands a robust suite of administrative tools. Our Compensation and Tax Core function lets you run customized cost projections based on unlimited scenarios right from your dashboard; Integrated Workflow uses conditional logic to speed the approval process; and Compensation Worksheets include “Big Four” Global Tax calculations that return in seconds. Report up to five payrolls per assignment with automated reconciliation.

Key features:

  • Accurate project assignment and relocation cost projections. 
  • Estimate comparisons for informed, confident decision-making.
  • Powerful compensation formulas that leverage automated intelligence.
  • Automated compensation reporting and collection. 
  • Integrated workflow.
  • Customizable cost projections and compensation worksheets.
  • Home, host, and hypo-tax calculations for over 80 countries.
  • Multi-country payroll and shadow payroll reporting.
  • Automated payroll reconciliation.
  • Tax assistance and year-end true-up calculations.

Simplify Your Mobility Program

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