Servicengine Introduces Expense VeriFi

Expense VeriFi is transformative technology that lowers the cost of delivering mobility services. VeriFi streamlines expense processing using Intelligent Automation.  Employee expense reports and supplier invoices are scanned by a series of customizable validations:


Eligibility: Only valid employees and suppliers can submit

Status: Confirm services and benefits are authorized

Policy Compliance: Verify against budget limits

Service Provider Charges: Validate against negotiated rate schedule

Reasonableness:  Check against realistic ranges for the expense type, timeframe, and locations

Backup:  Match and scan receipts

Duplicate Check: Flag potential duplicate transactions


The audited report is returned in seconds.  Non-compliance is identified and questionable items are flagged for review.   VeriFi focuses your expense analysis on the items that need attention.

Workflow routes the audited expense report to the appropriate authority for final approval.  Expenses that pass validation can be automatically processed for payment.


  • Reduce time and manual effort
  • Improve compliance
  • Eliminate excessive spend
  • Maintain a complete audit trail


VeriFi works with the Servicengine Expense Management module and integrates with your third-party expense automation system.

Ask your Servicengine representative for more details.

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