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In a world where we are presented with a multitude of choices, a key differentiator for your organization’s product can be found in the experience you offer alongside it. Customer Service is the heartbeat of any success, creating a lasting impression that extends well after the smallest of transactions. In this post, I will share a few key aspects of great customer service and explore how to transform a negative experience into a positive one.

Throughout my life and career, I have discovered four key aspects that have directly attributed to receiving and providing exceptional service: attitude, patience, empathy, and knowledge.


The foundation of exceptional service begins with attitude. Employees who approach their roles with a positive attitude set the stage for the highest quality customer experience.


Patience is indeed a virtue, not only in everyday life but especially in customer service. Whether you are working with a confused customer or resolving a complex issue, the ability to remain calm and composed is invaluable.


Empathy acts as the bridge that connects your business with your customer on a human level. Understanding and sharing the feelings and perspective of your customer can ensure you are building strong and lasting relationships. It is when your customers feel heard and understood that they will begin to feel satisfaction which leads to loyalty to you and your brand.


The best way to instill customer confidence is to create and develop knowledgeable teams. A providing consistent and accurate information, troubleshooting technical issues, or offering personalized solutions.

While exceptional service is what we strive for, there will always be challenges. Here are some tips that can be helpful in shifting an experience from a negative trajectory to a positive one.

Stop Reacting and Start Listening

When faced with a dissatisfied customer, the first step is to stop reacting defensively and start actively listening to their concerns. Allowing your customers to express their feelings without interruption will demonstrate that you value their perspective. This simple act of listening is the key to diffusing tension and will assist in opening the door to a more constructive conversation.

Know What You Don’t Know and Seek Help

Acknowledging your limitations is a sign of strength, not a weakness. When presented with a challenge or an issue that you cannot immediately address, just be honest about it with your customer. Instead of a simple “I don’t know”, immediately stress your commitment to finding a solution and then seek help or resources that can provide the necessary expertise to support the customer needs. It is with this transparency and active approach that you show your dedication to building strong relationships and meeting the needs of your customers.

In the intricate dance of customer service, success hinges on the delicate balance of attitude, patience, empathy, and knowledge. Prioritizing these key aspects will not only meet your customer expectations but exceed them, creating an environment where loyalty flourishes. An adjustment in mindset is essential in transforming a negative experience into a positive one. Through the shift from reacting to listening and from assuming to understanding, your customers will directly see the value you place in them and the dedication in your support of them.

At Servicengine, we are proud of the level of service our team provides and see each interaction as an opportunity to craft a unique and memorable experience for our Clients, Vendors, and Employees. We truly value your perspective and appreciate the strong bonds we have maintained throughout the past 25 years and look forward to the new relationships we build long into the future.

This blog is written by and based on CSM Tiffany Costello’s dedication to exceeding customer needs throughout her 20+ year career in customer service. Click here to learn more about Tiffany and the Servicengine team.

About Tiffany Costello

Tiffany Costello joined the Servicengine team in 2022, bringing with her more than 10 years of Global Mobility Industry experience. She has quickly become a valued member the Client Success Team with her vast knowledge of the end-to-end processes within both RMC and Corporate Mobility Programs. This experience paired with her technical acumen allows her to strategically support the unique needs of her Clients as well as support the development of new Servicengine product lines.

An active member of the Worldwide ERC, she received her Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) designation in 2019. She completed her undergrad studies in Business Administration at Central Washington University and in 2022 obtained an MBA in International Business from Louisiana State University – Shreveport.

When not collaborating with her Clients and Team, Tiffany can be found appreciating and participating in performing arts, traveling, and spending time with family.

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